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Login to your Pharmacy e-learning Training Course (PeTS)

Important Information - Course Login

Our new website is now live where you can log into your course via the new b-Hive dashboard.

Visit to go there now and login using your current login details.

We have also released a series of videos which will take you through the new dashboard and login process.

This PeTS login page has now been archived and will not be updated.

What is the Pharmacy e-Learning Training Service (PeTS)

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The Pharmacy e-learning Training Service (PeTS) is an online training environment where students can find all the information that they will require to complete their course.

The Pharmacy e-learning Training Service includes all of the course materials that are currently sent out to our students in paper-based format. However, PeTS also allows Buttercups Training to offer our students the benefits of Information Technology, in the form of:

  • Online tutorials with interactive questions*
  • Online testing that immediately marks your test*
  • Animations*
  • Access to Buttercups Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database
  • Access to results online

*Not all of the PeTS course websites contain these features.

The Pharmacy e-learning Training Service also reduces Buttercups Training and our students' carbon footprint.

PeTS Student Login  login

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To log onto your PeTS course website you will need to do the following:

  • Select your course using one of the relevant drop down menus shown below. If you are not sure of your course title, please contact Buttercups Training using one of the methods that you can find on the contact us web page.
  • Once you have selected your PeTS course from the relevant drop down menu you will be prompted to enter your user name and password. You will receive your user name and password through the post once you have been enrolled onto your course. You will need to enter your user name and password each time you log onto your PeTS website.

Key Account Managers Login

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Key Account Managers can use their user name and password to access information to see how far their students have progressed through their course and how well they are doing.

Logging in Problems

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Please follow these steps to login to your PeTS course website:

  • Click the green panel that says 'Student Login'. This will expand the panel to reveal some drop down menus.
  • Click on the drop down menu that is relevant to yourself and from the list select the course that you are enrolled on.
  • When prompted please enter your user name and password. Please remember that:

    • Your user name is NOT case sensitive. You can use lower or upper case to enter your user name.
    • However, your password IS case sensitive and should be entered using UPPER CASE letters.
    • Do not forget the hyphen (-) in the password.

The animation below demonstrates how to enter your password. Click the 'Start' button to begin the animation.

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