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So you want to work in a pharmacy?

Course Details
Entry Criteria:

An interest in pharmacy


Online course price:
£25 (Exc VAT)

Enrolment Pack:

Please email your name and address to if you would like to enrol on the course.

Think of the 'So you want to work in a pharmacy' website as a resource pack, something to point you in the direction of where and how to find a job and the difference between the roles available in a pharmacy.

There’s information about different types of pharmacies and the services they offer, as well as some sample training materials of courses that pharmacy support staff must study.

Retail skills are also important in pharmacy so we’ve included a training module for you so that you can demonstrate your customer service focus at your interview.

The world of pharmacy is an exciting challenge. It’s often fast paced and you need to be able to keep up, whilst being accurate and at all times professional.

So what happens in a retail pharmacy?

Put very simply, it’s where you can buy medicines over the counter or get prescription medicines prepared. Don’t forget, pharmacies often sell other items too such as toiletries.

For the most part, pharmacy staff in the dispensary don’t make the medicine from scratch. The pharmacist and technician know how it’s done, and they can make some preparations but it’s generally rare. So, if you’re keen on pharmacy because you like mixing things you’d be better off in catering!

The pharmacist oversees the process of:

  • The sale of medicines and the provision of healthcare advice to the public. The medicine counter assistant does this so it’s important to be well informed. We call it ‘evidence based’ so that old wives’ tales aren’t passed on as truth. There’s a lot to learn but you’ll be supervised by the pharmacist and other experienced staff as well as being enrolled on an accredited course.
  • Interpreting the prescription and checking that it is appropriate. Here’s the "double check" to ensure the patient gets a safe dose of the right drug. That means checking out any other records they might have about the patient such as allergies or medication history
  • The dispenser and/or pharmacy technician then handle the counting, labelling and any ordering required as well as keeping the stock at the right level. These staff are also responsible for keeping the dispensary shipshape – clean, ordered, with stock being stored at the right temperature.
  • The final check for accuracy is made either by the pharmacist or a checking technician
  • Finally, the patient is given counselling on how to take the medication and any other relevant information such as where to keep it, what not to do, and what to look out for.

Of course there’s a lot more to it but the 'So you want to work in a pharmacy' website will give you a head start on starting a career in pharmacy. We can’t guarantee that you’ll find a job of course but we hope the 'So you want to work in a pharmacy' website will help you to look.

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