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Vacancy Matching Service

Welcome to the Buttercups Training Vacancy Matching Service

Map Instructions

This map works in a similar way to Google Maps.

Each pin represents the approximate location of the vacancy/vacancies.

Clicking on a map pin will display a bubble containing information about that particular vacancy. In each bubble there is a series of tabs, that when clicked will display more information about that particular vacancy.

On the left handside of the map there is panel that lists all of the vacancies under a particular category. When you first access this web page the 'Pre-registration Vacancies' category is automatically open. To open the 'Vacancies' panel list of vacancies simply click on the 'Vacancies' panel heading.

The Apprenticeship, Vacancies and Pre-Registration Vacancies map shows all of the apprenticeships and vacancies in Great Britain that are advertised through Buttercups Training.

PLEASE NOTE: Google has updated how Google Maps works. This is why the map has 'For development purposes only' on it. The map still works correctly and we will be updating the Vacancy Matching Service in 2019 to resolve this issue.


Represents a Pre-registration vacancy
Represents a pharmacy vacancy
Represents an apprenticeship vacancy